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Want to Instantly Pull Your Customer's Credit?

Servicing: Mortgage Brokers, Business Loan Providers, More!

What is a soft pull

A soft credit check, also known as a soft credit inquiry, is a credit check that does not hurt the consumer's credit score. A soft pull is an inquiry typically used for informational purposes. When a company uses our soft credit check technology, the company instantly receives the consumer's full credit report and score and can use that information to pre-qualify a customer. Our soft pull technology does not trigger compliance in the event you do not pursue the lead. 

If you would like to check your customer's credit on an ongoing basis, feel free to fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly. 

  • Save Time: Stop wasting time on unqualified candidates and prospects

  •  Sell More: Overcome objections of people who don't want to run their credit in fear it will hurt their score. Focus on people who qualify. 

  • Save Money: Time is money, and if you can focus your efforts on candidates with sufficient credit, you will save money and resources. 

  • Soft pull does not hurt consumer's credit

  • Instantly receive the full credit report and score of your customer

  • Credit data is updated up to the minute

  • The soft pull credit file is the exact same data as on a hard pull

  • Embed our form on your website to pull credit

  • Does not trigger compliance. e.g. no adverse action, risk based pricing, etc

  • Pull credit from phone, tablet, or PC

Requirements to pull credit

  • Permissible Purpose: Generally speaking, we can permit any company that is financing people, or is related to financing people, with the ability to pull their customer's credit. 

  • We do not serve the following industries: Credit Repair, Private Investigators, and Tennant Screening. 

  •  Onsite Inspection: This is not a big deal. Basically, we send a guy out to your office to verify you're a legit company and are not in one of the above fields. The credit bureaus require you to have an office, and generally speaking, can not pull credit from a home office. There are exceptions to this rule, but this is the rule in general.  

  • Address Verification: You must have a business license or articles of incorporation with the address of the above mentioned onsite inspection location listed on the document. Again, they just want to make sure that the business pulling credit is at the office location.

  •  Phone Verification: You must either provide a utility bill listing the phone number and the onsite inspection address,  or list the contact phone number you provide us on 

Benefits of soft pulls


key features


There are many different applications for a soft credit check. Some companies use soft credit checks to prequalify customers before devoting time and resources on them. For example, solar companies can have their representative in the field have their prospect fill out a quick form and the representative will instantly know whether or not they qualify. Other companies who have a strong internet marketing can drive traffic to a landing page and covert leads using a soft credit check web form. Bottom line is, whatever your marketing and use is, we can provide a a soft credit check and you will receive the customer's full credit report instantly. 


After putting the submission tool on your website:


1. Direct prospects to your webpage

have them insert their name and address and hit submit


2. The soft pull tool instantly pings the credit report from the bureaus.


3. The soft pull tool will respond with a message on whether or not they qualify and you will receive their full credit report via a login to our portal.


Online: Stop driving traffic to a long form credit application where your bounce rate is excessive. Start driving them to a landing page that only asks for their name and address. More people will submit the form since it is less information, and less intrusive information since a social security number and date of birth are not required. 


Onsite: Before dedicating massive amounts of time on a prospect, especially if there is more than one and you need to allocate your resources appropriately, why not send them to your soft pull application and see if they qualify first? 

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