Pre-Screen Soft Credit

Lead Generation

Imagine being able to pick specific criteria such as current loan APR, FICO Score, months left on auto loan, income, and location, and run that data request against the names and addresses of your current and prior customers. After you have the list, imagine taking that data and marketing to them.  American Credit Systems can make that happen. 


American Credit Systems can also provide a list of  consumers in your area with the same attributes listed above, among 1700 other attributes. This Pre-Screen process is the most sophisticated  target market lead generation on the market.  

Soft Pull Pre-Screen General Information

General Pre-Screen Information


Effectively target prospects, typically for a direct mail or email marketing campaign, utilizing prescreened leads for solicitation of a loan refinance or purchase offer. Leads can be provided based on various credit related and demographic filters, such as: FICO score, current loan or lease criteria, open auto trade lines,  student loan debt, loan payment history, derogatories, location, lease expiration, and more.


Lead Data Source

  • Leads provided via Experian's master credit file and then prescreened for various attributes and credit score

  • Your lists can be prescreened for various attributes and credit score

Benefits vs. Other Lead Sources

  • Total unfiltered record population of 220+ million prospects

  • Lead data, prescreen attributes, and scores are always fresh as opposed to 30-90 days old from other lead sources

  • Higher probability that leads converted to prospects will still meet credit criteria since prescreen credit data is current, saving time and money by sending offers only to prospects that meet your criteria based on current, more accurate data

  • Better targeted leads achieve better response rates and higher conversion rates

  • Geography based filters such as: zip +4, city, county, state or a zip code radius search

  • Demographic based filters available, such as: age range, income range, homeownership status, length of residence, etc.

  • Extensive list of credit criteria attributes to filter by

  • Estimated Interest Rate attribute available

  • Easily adjust filter criteria as your campaigns progress

  • Total filtered record set can be randomized and capped at a specific number if desired

Other Benefits

  • Leverage American Credit System’s  relationship for access to better pricing, tools, technology, expertise, and assistance

  • ACS can provide prospect count estimates based on what-if criteria including various credit attributes, score, and geography prior to ordering actual prospect list, typically in 24 hours or less

Other Details

  • This type of marketing campaign does trigger the FCRA firm offer of credit requirements since individual prospects are prescreened, targeted, and solicited

  • Experian compliance must approve mail piece/email message/phone script prior to delivery of prospect records

  • Dealer/Lending Broker can be listed as the company providing the offer as long as the credit criteria and termsare backed by bona fide and specific lender(s)

  • Typical turnaround time for record delivery is 2-3 business days from approved request for standard credit criteria prescreens (more complex projects may take longer)

  • Records delivered via secure FTP data transfer site or ACS's EI3PA compliant web portal

  • CSV file format is the standard output file format used

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