Auto Dealer Credit Reporting: Hard Pull Discount Program

In recent weeks American Credit Systems has launched its Credit Reporting Discount Program for auto dealers currently pulling credit reports. The program is geared toward new and used auto dealers who pull Experian, TransUnion, and/or Equifax credit reports and elect to receive their credit reports through American Credit Systems, in place of their current provider.


The way the promotion is structured is we will give you a 10-20 percent discount on your hard pull credit reporting costs,  when you sign up for our new iSoftpull system. The discounted pricing includes credit report and score, auto summary, credit summary, surcharges for the three bureaus, Red Flag, OFAC, and the various versions of the scores such as: Auto Beacon 5 and 9, FICO Auto 8, and other ancillary credit reporting products.  We have found that dealers signing up with the Hard Pull Discount Program are actually saving money when adding iSoftpull because we are roughly saving dealers three hundred dollars a month on their hard pulls.


For dealers who pull credit through DealerTrack or RouteOne, nothing will change as far as processes are concerned. Moreover, your finance department or whoever actually pulls the credit report will not notice the change in vender. In addition, we also provide a state of the art web portal with an all inclusive compliance suite which includes OFAC, Red Flag, ID Verification, Adverse Action Mailing, RBP and more.  One nice thing about pulling through our portal is that it integrates with all the major CRMs such as, without limitation, DealerSocket, Vin Solutions, and eLeads.


Feel free to email us at or call us at  760-579-6171 to activate your dealership’s discount.






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