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American Credit Systems’ Multi-Rooftop Compliance Dashboard

I was speaking with the Chief Operations Officer of a multi rooftop auto group last week in regards to the benefits of our Multi-Rooftop Compliance Dashboard. Our conversation started by discussing the benefits for the auto group’s finance department and how seamlessly our credit reporting software integrates into DealerTrack, RouteOne, Vin Solutions, and DealerSocket, among others. What started off as an auto dealer credit reporting demo turned into a full compliance conversation after she saw the dashboard. To that extent, she seemed to want to focus on the features she could use to oversee the entire auto group. Listed below are a few of the benefits she was excited about:


Multi-Rooftop Auto Dealer Compliance Benefits

  • Viewing the whole auto group on one screen and being able to visually see which rooftop is fully compliant and which ones had some short comings

  • Drilling down within each rooftop the to see which specific employees are completing all of their compliance work and which employees are lacking thoroughness

  • Having the ability to receive reports based on specific parameters

  • Looking back on deals to see an audit trail and the compliance work completed for each specific deal

If you have any questions on any of the above mentioned topics, feel free to email us at info@americancreditsystems.com or call us at 760-579-6171




(Credit report access and compliance provided by CBC.)

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