Why Your Dealership Should Use More Than One Credit Bureau

Have you ever checked your own credit score on the Experian, TransUnion and Equifax? If you have, you probably understand why its beneficial to use all three. If not… Here’s why.


All three credit bureaus use similar, but use different models when grading peoples credit. Therefore, the same person may have a drastically different score on each of the three credit bureaus. When running a prospective car purchaser’s credit application through a bank (via RoutOne or DealerTrack), you should use the best of the three scores. This makes sense right? The issue is that each lender may only use one specific bureau, or all three. As result, we suggest that not only should a dealer use all three bureaus when pulling credit, they should also have more than one financial institution as their lenders. Yes, this may all seem fundamental and an obvious. That said, we have come across dealers that only use one bureau which limits themselves. Hope this blog was helpful!

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