Soft Pull Credit Check​ - ONSITE

When consumer's apply for a car loan or lease, an inquiry is the placed on the their credit report indicating the request for financing.  This inquiry has the possibility of negatively affecting the consumer’s credit score because it goes to show that the consumer is taking on, or is about to take on, more debt.


A Soft Credit Pull however, such as a pre-approval, is for informational purposes only and is not an actual inquiry if one may obtain a loan.  This is where a distinction can be drawn. A Hard Pull is when a customer is actually applying for a loan or to take on debt. A Soft Credit Pull is when a customer makes an inquiry as to whether or not they would be approved if they did want to make a purchase. 

Our iSoftpull Onsite pre-qualification application allows auto dealers to receive a full credit report from a simple Soft Pull. This gives dealers tremendous leverage when prospecting by removing the objection of not wanting to hurt their credit due to a inquiry on their credit report.


Soft Pull Credit Check

iSoftpull Onsite

iSoftpull Onsite is a tool companies use to view a customer's full credit report without making an inquiry for credit. Further, companies typically use this tool under two scenarios. The first is when the customer is reluctant to run their credit because they are in fear of "dinging" their credit score. The second is when there are more customers than sales reps and they want to allocate their time and resources to qualified customers. 

  • Receive Full Credit Report

  • Does Not Hurt Consumer's Credit

  • Instant Delivery of Credit Report 

  • Integrates with Major CRMs

  • Does Not Trigger Compliance

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