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  • Summer 2019 Volume Discount Program 

    We provide auto dealers discounted credit reports. Take advantage of our summer sale and reduce your dealership's credit bureau bill today! 

​2020 Volume Discount Program

Stop paying too much for your credit reports and lower your dealership's costs today!

Reduce Your Credit Bureau Bill

Many auto dealers, franchise and independent, are flat out over paying for their credit reporting service. To that end, their current vender may be charging them too much for products they need, and billing them for items they don't even use! Request a quote from us today and start saving money tomorrow!  

No Change in Process

DealerTrack and Route One Users: Your finance department won't even notice a difference. They will still pull credit in DT/RO, they will still pull Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax with Auto FICO Scores, the only difference being your accounting team will receive a discounted invoice from us as opposed to an inflated invoice from your current vender!

All Bureaus & Compliance

We provide Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax along with any FICO score and compliance items you may need. From Fair Issac, Beacon, MLA to Fraud Shield, we can provide  it all. Simply tell us what products you and your team needs, and we can provide them to you at a significantly discounted rate!

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How to Activate Your Discount

Activating your dealership's discount is as easy as 1-2-3! Our team does all the work for you! Shoot us your current invoice and watch the savings roll in! If you don't have your invoice or are are brand new dealership, no worries! Submit the contact info below and our team will handle the rest!

Step 1: Request Bureau Discount

Please upload your most recent invoice from your current provider (not a requirement, but this will help us get you the most savings). This will inform us on what products your dealership is using, and what products you don't need. Often times we see dealers charged hundreds of dollars for products the dealer doesn't even use! 

Step 2:  Receive Quote and Application
Once we receive your current invoice or otherwise learn what specific products your finance team needs, we will give you a quote on your required products and send you an agreement for the reduced priced bureaus.
Typically customers see a 10-30% savings

Step 3: Activate Your Savings!

Our staff will take care of the rest! We have deep integrations with a majority of industry software providers such as Dealertrack and RouteOne. Often times we will literally have to call you and tell you the discount has taken affect because your finance department will not notice a difference!

Step 1: Request Discounted Quote

Please upload your most recent invoice from your current supplier so we know what products to quote you on

File(s) size limit is 20MB.

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TIRED OF RATE INCREASES? Upload your most recent credit bureau invoice to receive the steepest discount possible!

Satisfied Customers With Huge Savings!

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Many dealers do not want to change the way their finance department pulls credit... and neither do we! Our seamless integration with DealerTrack and RouteOne makes it so your finance department won't even notice a change! 

Save Money

  • Reduce Needed Product Costs
  • Remove Unused Products 
  • Save Lots of Money!
No Change in Process
  • Same Credit Data
  • Same Credit Access
  • Same Submission System
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Soft Credit Checks APIs
No Change in Process
Same Credit Data
Same Credit Data
Credit Check Automation API

Our Credit Reporting and Compliance Portal

Auto Dealers love our portal for three specific reasons: 1) it's simple and intuitive to use, 2) we integrate with all the major CRM and DMS systems 3) their compliance departments can have peace of mind and comfort that they compliant.   

Credit Reporting Portal

Through our cloud based portal, auto dealerships have the option of accessing Equifax, TransUnion and/or Experian with one seamless pull. Not only that, but the credit pulling portal includes more than just a simple credit report; eCredit Complete gives a variety of credit report formats, standard "all inclusive" extras, compliance, and beyond. This portal can be accessed through DealerSocket, Vin Solutions, and many other auto dealer CRM and DMS platforms. The integration is very simple and finance departments love it!​

Soft Credit Check APIs
Online Lead Generation

Our software enables you to pull your client's entire credit report using their name and address only, from your website. 

Run a soft credit check over the phone
Getting Consent on the Phone

While on a recorded line, and with your customer's consent, you can pull your client's entire credit report and FICO score.

Run a soft credit check in your office
Face to Face Meetings 

Through a paper application, your mobile phone, or your computer, our software will instantly give you your client's credit report.

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Soft pulls for auto dealers

Accurate FICO Scores

All Score Versions and Models

Full Soft Pull Credit Reports

TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax

Create Pre-Qualified Leads From Your Website

 iSoftpull enables dealers to pull a soft credit check from their website. Leads that come in from a soft credit pull close at twice as a high of rate than those that come in with just a name and contact. This is because the dealer is able negotiate an accurate deal without the customer having to fill out a fill/long credit application. 

Sell More Cars
at the Dealership

A recent trend occurring at dealerships is all customers on the lot get a soft pull ran on them. Consumer's are willing to have a soft pull ran on them because it does not hurt their score and an inquiry is not placed on their credit report. Once you have their entire credit report and FICO score, you can sink your teeth in and start selling!
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Decreased Compliance Obligations on Soft Pulls

When a customer gives you consent to run a soft pull, they are not applying for a car loan, they are getting prequalified for one. Because they are not applying at this stage,  you do not have to send them an Adverse Action letter, nor present them with Risk Based Pricing, nor run an OFAC check on them. This saves time and money!.