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Soft Credit Checks

Hard Pulls | Soft Pulls | Compliance 


Soft Credit Check Features and Benefits

Data Delivered

  • Full Credit Report

  • FICO Scores

  • Public records

  • Credit Inquiries


  • No Impact on Credit

  • Instant Report Delivery

  • Cloud Based Access

  • Unlimited User Access

Digital Integrations

  • Websites

  • CRMs & LOS

  • Social Media 

Consumer Consent Options

  • Verbal Authorization

  • Digital Sigature

  • Traditional Wet Ink

Soft Credit Check Software

Our motto: "Do the right thing - run a soft pull first"


Why? Because you, business owner/lender, can obtain the exact same credit data from a soft pull as you would a hard pull, the only difference being it does not impact the customer's credit and you can obtain it using your customer's name and address only. More specifically, iSoftpull does not lower your client's credit score and an inquiry is not placed on their credit history. Further, you can then offer accurate terms to your client and negotiate a deal based off their soft pull. 

Give us a call or message us to learn more about the features and benefits of running soft credit on your customers today!



Check Your Customer's Credit

Using the most sophisticated technology available, American Credit Systems enables companies to pull a soft credit report, otherwise known as a pre-qualification or soft inquiry, with only a name and address. Companies use soft credit reports to generate prequalified leads on their websites, or to prequalify customers that are in their place of business.  

One of the many benefits of a soft credit pull over a hard credit pull is that it does not affect the consumer's credit score. Additionally, our soft credit pull application does not trigger compliance, therefore you will not have to send out an adverse action letter, nor give the consumer an offer for lending in the event they do qualify. For more information, give us a call or check out our Soft Pull page for more information

Soft Pu

  • Soft Credit Inquiry

  • Fresh Data

  • Website Integration

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Full Credit Report

  • Instant Report Delivery

  • Real Time Alerts


Soft Pu

Integration with Industry Leaders

Our philosophy: to develop credit reporting and compliance solutions, making the lives of your sales and finance departments easier. This is why we have dedicated so much time to our integrations with CRM, LOS  and DMS providers.

When you partner with American Credit Systems for credit reporting and compliance, know that we can work hand in hand with companies such as: DealerTrack, RouteOne, Dealer Socket, Advent, E-Leads, Vin Solutions, and more. Among other benefits, what this means is that in the event you decide to change your CRM or DMS, you will not have to change your credit reporting and compliance processes. 


State-of-the-art credit reporting and compliance  

  • Complete Compliance Suite

  • Advanced Risk Based Pricing

  • Credit Score Disclosure Exception Notice

  • Red Flags Rule Checks

  • Out Of Wallet Questions

  • Enhanced ID Verification Worksheet

  • Address and Social Security Number Mismatch Verification

  • Adverse Action Fulfillment House

Soft Pu

  • Credit Activity, Compliance Details, and Compliance Exception Reports

  • ITPP (Identity Theft Protection Program) Template

  • OFAC Check and Notice in Report

  • Dodd-Frank Compliant Adverse Action Letter Generation

  • Safe Harbor Privacy Notice Form

  • Compliance View Find Screen


American Credit Systems

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Email: info@americancreditsystems.com
Tel: (760) 579-6171

Fax: (760)579-6170

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