American Credit Systems
  • Triple Soft Pull
    ​All Bureaus  - Auto Score Models

    We offer auto dealers the ability to process soft credit checks on their customer. Our cutting edge technology delivers ALL THREE BUREAUS and ALL FICO® SCORE MODELS using your customer's name and address only.  

    • Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax
    • No Social Security or Date of Birth Required
    • Accurate FICO® Scores and Full Credit Reports
    • No Credit Score Impact
    • Website Integrations with API Access
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Sell More Cars at the Dealership

The trend toward running soft checks on auto customers while on the premises is on the rise. ACS strives to be the best and most reliable soft credit check provider. Knowing the creditworthiness ahead of time can help allocate resources and make more informed pricing decisions when selling cars. All without any impact or harm to the prospective buyers’ credit scores.

Full Credit Reports

Research shows that when leads are generated from a soft pull, the chances of closing a deal are twice as high. ACS enables auto dealers to focus on negotiations that further the sale rather than hinder it with distressing credit applications and demands for personal information like a SSN.