American Credit Systems
  • Credit Reporting Software 

    We tailor our services to your business model. Access complete credit reports and FICO® scores online through your company’s website, by phone, or in tangible form integrated into your company documents and files. 
  • Pulling Credit Off Your Website

    ACS equips your company website with consumer web forms, allowing you, your referral partners, and your customer's to run credit for immediate results at any time, and from any device. 
  • Call Centers and Phone Rooms

    ACS            provides telephone based businesses the call center solution, ensuring phone specialists can easily access credit during calls.   
  • Paperwork Integration 

    We offer businesses the option to integrate required consent language into their traditional paper application procedure.

​It begins with consent...

How will your clients grant authorization to run their credit?

Digital Consent

Digital consent forms can be easily added onto your company website without any third party notification or formal application processes. Requiring only a name and address instead of a social security number and DOB considerably increases the likelihood that your prospective client consents to a credit check. ACS gives your clients the assurance they need to move forward, and in turn minimizes wasted company efforts and unnecessary debts.

Verbal Authorization

ACS makes it safe and easy for your clients to give their consent. Simply calling us over a secure and recorded line, we can confirm the consent required to perform the soft credit check on the spot. Your prospects will be comforted by a person at the other end of the line informing them that their credit will not be affected and that their information will be kept secure.

Wet Ink

We offer businesses the option to integrate required consent language into existing documents.

You can acquire and process client consent with minimal change to your current onboarding procedure. Following consent, simply log on to our cloud based portal to access your clients credit report. Your practices remain intact while you make more informed underwriting decisions on the spot.  

​Digital Consent

Soft Credit Check Software

Website Integration

Our software was engineered to achieve seamless and efficient website integration. With ACS's guidance and support, you’ll be adding highly efficient landing pages directly into your site. Your website visitors can apply for products and services, of which you can customize the underwriting criteria required for them to qualify. 

Also, funnel more traffic directly to your website’s landing page by inserting a “get pre-qualified” link into your email signature, throughout your social media, and in any other online advertisements.

Finally, your team will be promptly notified of each new applicant and the programs they qualify for.

API to run Credit Checks

​Custom API Builds

ACS offers custom API solutions for ultimate flexibility of both hard and soft credit inquiries. We set you up with API guides to ensure protocols are used properly when retrieving information. We simply provide credit reports and scores as raw data, leaving you with full control to fulfill specific needs and set up internal processes. 

Web Forms

Pull your client's credit report from your company website by embedding our web forms on your landing pages.

Increased Conversion Rates

People are more willing to fill out a form that does not require social security numbers and date of birth than one that requires it. Because ACS only requires a name and address, your online lead conversions will increase. 

Instant Decisioning Engine

Preset your underwriting criteria in the ACS software so your applicants and agents know if your website visitors qualify for your specific products.

Real Time Notifications 

 Timing is everything. ACS instantly notifies you and your team as soon as your website visitors request a soft pull on your website. 

​Verbal Consent

Pull a credit report over the phone with verbal authorization

Call Centers and Instant Credit Reports

ACS allows your call center staff to instantly view client credit reports from the comfort of their work station, access comprehensive credit scores and data, and get a decision on whether prospective clients meet underwriting criteria. Providing ACS with your underwriting criteria to determine eligibility will instantly inform your staff of whether or not a client qualifies.

Unlimited Users

Utilizing our call center option comes with numerous perks including an unrestricted number of users without any additional fees. Additionally, management can pull corporate activity as a whole or narrow in on selected individuals. 

Real Time Decisioning

Pre-setting qualifying criteria with ACS allows for instant, real-time review and approvals. Agents and employees save time not having to review entire credit reports with our pre-qualification criteria checks. ACS can advise you on a list of extensive attributes used by leading professionals to vet out unqualified candidates from the start. Our advanced software will produce instant and reliable results to ensure that you’re only doing business with individuals who qualify according to your company’s preferences.
Credit reporting software for call centers

​Tradition Paper Applications

Run a credit report on your customers from your business

Implement In Your Normal Course of Business

Every company has its own process for onboarding clients. ACS can maintain your unique processes by placing the required consent language into your existing application process without any disruption to your methods. 

Some medical practices, and other face-to-face businesses prefer that we integrate consent into their paper application. They proceed with their usual procedure to acquire consent, then simply log into the ACS portal to access their clients credit report and FICO® score using only their name and address.