American Credit Systems
  • Soft Pulls for Mortgage Professionals

    Generate more leads with online access to 100% accurate and complete credit reports using only a name and address and without impacting client credit.  

​Why Would a Mortgage Broker use a Soft Pull?

  • Get More Leads Online and Generate More Revenue: Asking people to provide a social security number often raises red flags. With ACS, no information other than a name and address are needed to produce the same report as a more invasive hard credit report. It takes less time to consent to ACS's soft report than it does to fill out a full length credit check application, and anything that saves your client time will save your company time and money too. ACS's online pre-qualification applications can help you obtain pre-qualified leads to increase your potential revenue from the start.
  •  Get More Leads With Verbal Consent: Viable prospects may not be accessible online or may not have the time to appear in-person during early stage negotiations. Our telephone consent procedures allow recorded verification of consent, making it easier for you to build client relationships, while effortlessly confirming their creditworthiness. Hassle free and reliable, it’s no wonder mortgage professionals turn to ACS to make more intelligent decisions about their client portfolios. 
  • Get More Referrals: With ACS's credit check services, your mortgage company is more likely to gain referrals from real estate agents, as they seek your help in screening their potential clients. 
  • Save Time and Money: Client selection based on pre-qualification status is the simplest way to make informed decisions about lending quickly and reliably, which ultimately saves time and money.
  • Protect Your Leads: Traditionally, when a credit score is requested on a client, the national credit bureaus take note of the fact that the client is shopping for credit. That information is then sold by the bureaus to competing lenders, often within 24 hours. That leaves lenders vulnerable to the competition scooping in and exploiting the client’s interest in specific services. ACS's discrete soft credit report does not alert the credit bureaus and avoids your competitors knowing about your potential leads.  
  • Save Money Again: Instead of repeatedly wasting $30 on tri-merge's that result in so many unqualified clients, first learn if they are creditworthy with ACS's $3 soft pull, saving 90% on costs. Then you can reserve hard credit checks for deals that have a very high chance of closing, saving time and money from the get-go.

Know Your Client's Credit Now

Creditworthiness should be determined at the beginning of any sales cycles. Wether you conduct business online, by phone, or in person, ACS can instantly and discretely generate a full credit report and FICO® score using only a name and address. Since asking clients for their social security number and date of birth is not necessary, the barriers attached to those requirements are eliminated along with them.

Save Time and Resources

ACS can help avoid wasted efforts on unreliable or insolvent individuals from the outset of any business dealing. No need to chase any leads that lack the credit standing to close. At the start of any business deal, ACS can filter out the uncreditworthy from the viable prospects, ensuring your energies are focused on profitable ventures only.

Increase Your Bottom Line

ACScan help you prioritize individuals with good credit standing so you can allocate efforts towards deals that are more likely to go through. In addition to filtering out the uncreditworthy, ACS upgrades your current vetting process to ensure more quality leads are generated, thereby increasing your bottom line.

Online Lead Generation

Pull your client's entire credit report using just their name and address directly from your website. 

Getting Consent on the Phone

Acquire your client's consent to access their full credit report and FICO® score over the phone, on a recorded line.

Face to Face Meetings

Our software instantly makes your client's credit report available with any mobile device or computer, or by completing a paper application, 

​How to get Real Estate Agents to Send you Deals

Put yourself in the shoes of a real estate agent. Not having the ability to check your client's credit, but being totally dependent on your client's credit for their ability to buy a house. Picture yourself driving your client around for months on end to look at houses only to find out they do not qualify... We're talking lunches, dinners, greeting cards, and everything, only to find out they have a 500 credit score! This is where you come in... 

With iSoftpull, you can give your real estate agent referral sources on demand access to see what loans their clients qualify for. This is done through our state-of-the-art decisioning engine which integrates into your website. Simply select your underwriting criteria in your iSoftpull portal, and when your client submits an online application, it will tell them what loans they are prequalified for. This will give you the lead, the real estate agent an understanding of their client's credit, and the consumer an idea of whether or not they can qualify for the home purchase.