American Credit Systems
  • Soft Pulls for the Solar Industry

    Field agents can process applications online or over the phone, making instant in-field credit decisions.

How our solar customers us soft pulls to save time and money.

Our solar clients rely on us to ensure they are not wasting hours vetting unqualified leads. The best and only way to filter out leads that are sure to reach a standstill, is to uncover their credit early on with a soft pull. For solar companies, soft credit checks are typically processed in person by door-to-door reps in the field, or over the phone by finance teams. To save time and money, soft pulls are processed before sending reps on house calls to bid jobs and write up deals. Using ACS software also helps to preserve relationships with lending partners by getting the due diligence done at the outset, ensuring only qualified candidates are approached and solicited.  

Phone Processing Applications

Our cloud based software can be integrated into your company website and offers a secure login to our portal. There are no additional fees for the infinite amount of users able to run reports over the phone.

In the Field Credit Decisions

Have a seemingly interested client asking lots of questions? Before you waste time and energy providing an estimate, acquire your clients consent to run a soft credit check that you can access through our cloud-based software on the spot. 

Instant Credit Underwriting and Decisioning

ACS allows for instant, real-time decisions on whether or not a client qualifies for a loan. Provide your reps with instant and reliable results to ensure your only doing business with viable contenders. 

Score Only and Multi-Criteria Decisions

ACS can guide you in selecting your own qualifying criteria through our decision making platform. Deciding which specific credit report factors have relevance according to your company preferences helps filter out undesirable candidates.

Get Decisioning in the Office or in the Field

Full assimilation of our software on your company’s website and email empowers your agents both in the field and in the office. Round the clock, real-time, and remote determinations speed up business processes, making for a more efficient and profitable operation.