American Credit Systems
  • Soft Credit Checks

    Discover eligibility from the start and save both you and your client time and effort. A pre-qualification soft credit check accurately reports your clients credit score, payment history and outstanding debts. Only after you become informed can your client truly benefit from your services. 

  • No Social Security Required

    No need to ask for a social security number or date of birth to secure a full credit report and FICO or Vantage score. 

    Less required for complete insight., means more clients willing to take the next step, and foreseeing which of them can the complete the journey.
  • No Impact on Credit 

    Unlike a hard inquiry, a soft credit check will not lower your clients credit score, place an inquiry on their credit report, nor will it generate trigger leads for your competitors.
  • Reliable Credit Data

    iSoftpull is 100% accurate and reliable. Contrary to popular belief, a soft credit check produces an identical credit report and FICO score to a hard pull. 

​What is a Soft Credit Check?

Soft credit checks are utilized for determining if a client qualifies for a loan without impacting their credit score. Credit scores are negatively affected by “hard credit pulls” which may leave clients apprehensive about running a credit check. 

Soft credit checks allow you to ascertain eligibility and gain a general idea about the loan terms while putting your client’s mind at ease. 

By providing a full credit report and FICO® score, ACS provides assurance that your pre-qualification approvals are reliably ascertained. This ensures that suitable pricing and loan terms are offered to the right people. Should you decide not to service a client, ACS's discrete technology will not trigger compliance. 

​Consumer Consent Required

ACS requires the consent of every client from whom a soft check is performed. Three forms of consent are available through secured means including an online digital signature platform, by phone on a recorded line for verbal consent, or a handwritten signature on the loan application. Even the smallest of business operations can utilize our website integration feature to acquire consent and convert more site visitors into solid leads. Learn More.

Accurate Credit Report and Score

Is a soft pull really enough? The answer is, yes. The information delivered by ACS's fast and easy credit check is the same information that is provided in a hard credit report including concise credit scores, complete payment histories, all available credit related public records, and negative points. The difference is the negative impact a hard pull has on a client’s credit, opposed to a soft pull having zero impact. It’s totally discrete, reliable and complete. 

Name and Address Only

ACS delivers your client's credit report and score using only requires your client's name and home address for a complete credit report and FICO® score. 

However, if your customer gives you a new home address that has not been recorded with the bureaus yet, or if two generations of people are living at the same address with the same or a similar name, we may require a date of birth or social security number to accurately identify the applicant and complete the report. 

No Credit Impact

Inquiries into someone’s credit history can adversely impact their credit rating for up to two years after the inquiry. ACS's soft credit check has no adverse impact at all on a person’s ratings, and there is no compliance reporting requirement for your company. Discretely investigating your prospects can also avoid alerting the competition. It's a safe, secure way to ensure that you are dealing with the right people, without alerting the wrong people.