American Credit Systems
  • Soft Pulls for Finance Professionals

    With ACS's industry leading software, you will clearly see your client's credit profile with a soft credit check.
  • Business and Personal Loan Brokers

    Instantly view your client's credit report and FICO score with iSoftpull's industry leading software.
  • Credit Check APIs for Online Lenders

    Our custom built APIs will give your developers the freedom they need to streamline your processes.
  • Soft Pulls for Mortgage Professionals  

    Harness the power of iSoftpull and attract more referrals than ever before.
  • Soft Pulls for the Solar Industry 

    Phone room pre-qualification systems and in the field real time decisioning.

​Select Your Industry

ACS services are made available for most businesses who's sales rely on their clients creditworthiness. The majority of businesses we serve operate within the scope of just a few major industries, yet any credit based business operation with a need for early insight to their clients credit history should consider ACS

Contact us for support if your industry is not seen below.  

Contact us for support if your industry is not seen below. Industries we do not serve are credit repair, tenant screening, private investigators, etc

Soft Credit Checks for the Mortgage Industry
Soft Credit Checks for the Business and Personal Loan Industry
Business/Personal Loans
Soft Credit Checks for the Solar Industry
Soft Credit Checks for the Auto Industry