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Integrate with All Your Applications

Our goal when developing our software was to integrate with all of the tools out there, so no matter what particular software you use, we could integrate into it. Taking this task on was like moving mountains, but we completed it! The year is 2020 and there are thousands of software programs that each serve a different purpose. Website builders, chat applications, email campaigns, customer relationship management tools, advertising networks, and beyond. 

Sample Automations 

Popular Integrations


Create a simple integration between our credit reporting software and your CRM, automating the connection between when a credit application is processed and the lead being added to your CRM, with a summary of the applicant's credit report and the offers they qualify for.


Set up automated Emails triggered by someone filling out an application, then immediately notify them of the credit decision and let them know you'll be reaching out soon.

Digital Marketing

Immediately add qualified applicants to a Facebook Ad Audience for retargeting and make lookalike audiences based on credit data.

CRM Integration
Email Integration
Ad Integration
CRM Integration

Add a Credit Summary and Offer to CRM Leads

By connecting our credit reporting software to your CRM, not only will the link between an application being submitted and a lead being generated be automated, but you can also integrate our findings into your CRM. While specific credit data can't be added to most CRMs due to privacy and security issues, we can add a summary of the findings (i.e. total debt, total monthly payments, DTC ratio, and a link to the full report) and the offer they qualify for! 

Email Integration

Automate Emails to Applicants

Have set email triggers based on applicant's qualification dictated through the iSoftpull platform. Let applicant's know which offer they've qualified for, next steps, or that someone will be in touch soon. Notify unqualified applicant's of the decision or that you'll be in contact on what you can do next.

Ad Integration

Create Target Audiences Based on Credit Data

By integrating our credit reporting software with your Facebook, Google or other ad accounts, you can automate the process between a form being submitted and the contact being added to your ad audience. As soon as a lead submits an application on your website, or you submit the customer's information into the database, all qualified leads will be uploaded to an ad audience, for example that qualify for offer "A Paper." You can then create lookalike audiences based off credit data and reach new horizons of qualified leads with your ads!

Typical Work Flows