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Thank you for the submission of your on boarding information and we look forward to serving you! We have sent you an email, please respond to it and 1. attach a copy of your business license; and 2. Insert a link to your business listing on Yellow PagesOnce we receive your business license and Yellow Pages listing, we send you your end user agreement and security requirements. If you are curious as to what the underwriting requirements are to pull credit and how to expedite your setup process, please read below.

Our compliance department will need to verify: 

  • Your Permissible Purpose
  • Business Name
  • Office Location
  • Phone Verification

  • Our compliance requirement to pull credit is not a high threshold, but it is strict. In short, the bureaus want to verify the business accessing consumer credit is pulling credit for the reason they claim, is located at the address they provided, and the phone number they listed is their actual phone number. The following requirements are needed to be met in order for your company to pull credit.   

    Permissible Purpose Verification: We are in the age of identity theft, digital hacking, and computer breaches. We are giving you access to pull consumer credit, arguably the most sensitive consumer data. Therefore, before we give you on demand access to pull consumer credit data,  we need to verify your permissible purpose. This is typically done through your website. Consider this the smell test: Does your website reflect the permissible purpose (mortgages, business loans, consumer loans, etc.), company name, phone number and office address you listed on your on boarding form? If not, is there a reasonable explanation why? 

    Business Name Verification: The company name you have listed on your application matches your business license.If your industry/business does not require a business license, please send us a copy of your articles of incorporation. 

    Office Location Verification: Your business is located at the location you have listed on your application for service. Please make sure the address you have listed on your on boarding submission corresponds with address listed on your business license or articles of incorporation.  This also must match the specific address and suite you schedule for your onsite inspection. You may do this by responding to this email. If there is a discrepancy, please write us an email explaining why. If the reason is that you have not updated your business license since the last time you moved locations, please update it with the local municipality and send us a screen sho/scant of the receipt.

    Phone Verification: The phone number you listed on your application for service rings at your business at the location of your onsite inspection. This is typically done through Yellow Pages or a Utility bill. Therefore, in addition, please respond to this email with a link to your Yellow Pages listing or attach a copy of your business phone bill. Yellow Pages listings are free and can be set up here. Please be sure your listing/utility bill has the same phone number and same address you have listed on your on boarding form.

    If you have any immediate questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 760-249-2750! We look forward to serving you!

    - iSoftpull Team